miércoles, 1 de febrero de 2012

Using blogs in the English Class

The activity of the blogs was really funny and helpful to develop my skills in write in English. It was funny to write about my favorite famous character, my personal activities like my hobbies or the places I go in vacations. The blog allows me to show to my classmates about what I wrote and for them to check my mistakes. In the blog I’m able to read another blog entries and comment them aswell.
I enjoy writing about an outdoor activity, a song from the past and a piece of art. The topic of those entries is very interesting, and was funny to write what I think about them, my experiences and my opinion.
I dislike to write about my Christmas because I think not everyone enjoys that event, but that wasn’t something really bad so I think it doesn’t count as a negative point. I consider that most of the topics where really funny and really sincere.
The blog of my classmate Alberto Alaniz is very funny and I enjoy reading it sometimes, his entry of Tom Cruise was so feminine that make me laugh a little.
Also the blog of my classmate Mauro Valdivia was interesting too, he wrote long entries but they were funny too.
I think that writing entries in a blog is one of the most useful ways to improve my english writing skills. I think when you write about things that you consider interesting, the process of develop your writing skills is a lot easier and less boring than for example, write entries about academic stuff that is not always funny. So the fact of mix topics related to yourself as a person and scientific things related to my career, is a very good way to motivate students to write in English.


A piece of art - Remedios Varo

My favorite pinter is Remedios Varo. She was born in Spain in 1908 and died in México in 1963. She was interested in painting since she was a child.
The first time I saw one of her pieces was when I visited an art exposition in Valdivia in the university. They were promoting her work, and in the background I heard a song from Erick Satie, and old french composer of classical music. The work of both artist create an atmosphere that make me feel like I was in another world or dimension. Since that experience, i was really interested in the work of both artists. I like the feelings that produce me paints like "Tránsito en Espiral" painted in 1962, a castle with a road like a spiral.
The work of Remedios is the only one that calls to my attention. I can recognize when a painting belongs to Remedios, her way of express her ideas is unique, and I really appreciate that. When I’m a bit sad, I see some of their paintings and I really think there exist another dimension where the elements present in the paintings are real, and you could even dream about it. I honestly suggest that if you have the opportunity to see her work, you will not regret it. And if you could at the same time listen to the Gymnopédies of Satie, you will experience an amazing feeling of arriving somewhere but not here.

lunes, 9 de enero de 2012

Your Santiago

I moved to Santiago because of the university so I don't have much time living here. But in this two years, I really like this city but it have some things that I don't like for sure. Santiago is a very important city in Chile because of the high amount of people living here, nearly 6.000.000 inhabitants. I have never lived in a big city, I have always lived in medium sized cities of 140.000 inhabitants as the highest population. That is something I dont like it, I really miss the tranquility and the slow beat of the people in small cities. The other thing I dont like of Santiago is the high levels of contamination, due to the high amount of cars, buses and trucks driving 24/7 around the city. I remember the first month when I arrived to Santiago, I feel my hands with smog, even my cloths when I wash them the water was a little black because of it.
But not everything in this city is bad or evil. It have the best universities in Chile, like our university, and the quality of the universitary education is good. A lot of things are cheaper due to the high population too. This cheaper things are located in certain places around Santiago like the "Persa Bio-Bio" and you can always find there almost anything you want for half of the price. So is a good option for people that needs to be more restricted with their money. Another thing is the history of this city. It have a lot of places that are well known for being symbols of the battle for the independance of the country, and they are nice places to visit If you are a tourist.
About the future of Santiago, I would promote the use of ecological transports like the bikes or electric cars, because If we don't do anything to solve this problem this city will be more and more contaminated in a few years. If you are tourist I would recommend to visit The San Cristobal hill. There you can see all the city, and you will be able to look how big it is.

lunes, 2 de enero de 2012

Chinese Horoscope 2012

My chinese sign is the metal horse. The chinese horoscope had always described me very good. When I read it in the first months of the year I always feel identified. The description of the metal horse say they love the freedom, and I'm really agree with it. My worst nightmare is to live in a cage. The descriptions say that horses like the sports and Im agree with it too, I like to play football and ride on my bike. Something that called to my attention is that description says horses hate the routine, and I couldn't be more agreed with that sentence, I really hate the routine. I'm always changing the routes when I go to the university in my bike, because I dont like to see the same things everyday. I have chinese descendants, my great-great-grandfather of my mother's family was from China and he arrived to Chile when his country was in war. Because of that my mother always read some news from China, I think she and her family feels something special for that country. But I don't like China, I don't know why but there is something in that culture that I dont feel atractted to, maybe because I have seen some things that I just consider deeply evil in their perspective of life. In spit of that, I really admire their knowledge about a lot of things, and I compare their history with the history of my country. They have 2.000 years of existance, and my country only have 200, the numbers speak for themselves. They are an amazing culture and we all should study it at least once in our lifes.

lunes, 26 de diciembre de 2011

My Christmas (2011)

I spent the christmas with my family, cousins and my uncles here in Santiago. I really enjoy their company, but definetly I don't enjoy the fact of have a test the monday just after. In spit of that, I recieve a pair of headphones and shoes, so I was very happy. I ate a very good meal. I ate meat and chicken accompanied with quinoa and some nice pastes. I drank red wine with the food, and after just soda. We talk a lot and my uncle tell us some memories when all our parents where studying in the university of Antofagasta. I laughted a lot, but the thing that I will remember is the fact of see all our family more close than ever. We also talk about the real meaning of the christmas. Some of my family members believe in god, hence they believe about the birth of Jesus. I personally dont believe in god, but that doesnt mean I hate things related to religion. I think Christmas brings some good moments to be with your family, and we all should enjoy them as much as we can, instead of discuss about things that in the end just separates people.

My favorite beach

My favorite beach is "Los Toyos" in the third region of Chile. The beach is near Huasco, and it is a small beach, that is near of the well known "Trea Playitas" and "Playa Blanca". This group of beaches are incredibly beautiful. The sand is white and the water is very clear and also they are not too visited, so you can enjoy the place surrounded by tranquility. I travel there all the summers with my family and cousins, and I always have a great time there. Also my grandparents have a little cabain near, so I stay there for some days when we travel from Vallenar. I wish someday I could buy a cabain next to my grandparents's one, to have more space and invite some friends. When you travel from Vallenar that it is in the valley to the coastline you can see some villages and small towns like Freirina. They are very small, but beautiful. I like the little towns. I think I enjoy the silence that is always present. With the time, the coastline of the third region of Chile is starting to be more visited and the regional government is starting to apply some political plans to solve this problem, so the region will be able to recieve more tourists over the next few years.

martes, 20 de diciembre de 2011

An Outdoor Activity you Enjoy Doing

The bycicle is my favorite way to move around the city. I go to the university everyday in my bike, and If I must do something outside, almost anything, I try to go there in my bike too. I use my bike to go to class everyday because I hate the public transport in every possible way, and I dont like to spend my money in that crap.
I go to different places around Santiago the weekends with a group of friends who share the same interest in bikes, specifically the type of mountain bike called "Cross Country". This type of mountain bike requires the development of some technical skills with the bike, that will be naturally required in the mountain roads. That makes it interesting. Its not just ride your bike like the way you do in the city, you must know how to jump and avoid several obstacles up there in the mountains and hills with some funny techniques.
About crashes, a lot. You are always having some accidents and falls, the most dangerous fall I have ever had was about 3 years ago when I was going down a hill called "Cerro Grande" in La Serena. After jump a ramp, the front wheel collapsed and then I hit a tree. I lost the awareness and take a lot of scratches in my arms and legs. Anyways, I still love this sport and its great to go every weekend with friends to some hills with our bikes, and have some awesome moments.
Check www.bikemontt.com to know more about this sport! and If you can, join us!